Comprehensive Addiction Treatment for Men


If you are looking for a place to consolidate your recovery after a period of inpatient treatment, then Alpha Sober Living could be the sober house for you. We are based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We deliver a progressive and groundbreaking post addiction treatment service which will give you every chance of remaining clean and sober after your stay in rehab, and will take your recovery and emotional sobriety to another level. Our methods are tried and tested through fifteen years of running some of the world’s largest and most successful addiction treatment programmes.


At Alpha Sober Living we have a unique approach. We use our bodies as much as our minds. In addition to attending recovery meetings, and doing group and individual therapy, you will augment your recovery with a programme of physical activity. Or what we call “body-based recovery.” Clients can choose one or more of the following disciplines, which they must commit to through the duration of the programme.

  • Jiu Jitsu/Grappling
  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)
  • Yoga
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Running, swimming, cycling (or combined as triathlon)
  • Hiking


  • We will help you transition from rehab back into the community, teaching you the skills you need to build on primary treatment.
  • We will guide you safely around the sights and sounds of Chiang Mai, Thailand, giving you an unforgettable cultural learning experience.
  • We will enable you to withstand drug and alcohol triggers by ingraining cognitive therapy techniques and recovery skills
  • We will support your recovery, and guide you into long term sobriety via tried and tested methods learned over years of practical experience.
  • In the sober house you will re-learn what it is to be the member of a loving and supportive community
  • With the correct effort on your part, we will coach you into a state of well-being by teaching you how to use physical culture as a meditation
  • We will help you make sense of your addiction by giving you intensive psycho-education delivered by a recognized world expert in the field
  • We will give you a network of peers and professionals who will support you long into your recovery