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Alpha Sober Living is a one stop shop for advice, education, and the assessment and treatment of addiction.

Welcome to Alpha Sober Living

Welcome to Alpha Sober Living, an online rehab service developed by Alastair Mordey, one of the world’s premier addiction treatment specialists. For over 15 years Alastair has been at the forefront of developing treatment programs for some of the world’s most successful addiction treatment facilities including The Cabin Rehab and The Edge Rehab, the two largest addiction treatment centers in the Asia-Pacific region. To date he has overseen the treatment of more than 5000 addicted people and continues to pioneer cutting edge addiction treatment methods for people all over the world.

At Alpha we offer various formats for the online treatment of addiction. Scientific research shows that tele-health services such as online counselling are effective. Improvements in video-conferencing technologies in recent years have revolutionized the way that addicted people can get help and this has had a significant impact on the cost of treatment. People with addiction issues can now access treatment at a fraction of the cost of a residential program and can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

How we can help

At Alpha Sober Living we take an educational approach to addiction treatment. Through our E-learning modules you will learn more about addictive disorders and we will work with you at your own pace. Studies have shown that this educational approach increases people’s chances of successful recovery and also makes it more likely that they will continue to access treatment. We can help you answer the questions that addicted people commonly have:

  • How do people change, and can I change?
  • What is addiction? Is there a scientific answer to this question?
  • Has my childhood or my environment in some sense created my addiction and can I deal with this?
  • What kind of treatment programs are there out there?
  • How do they work and will they work for me?

Alpha’s online rehab course is specifically designed to give you science-based, straightforward answers to these questions and then provide affordable treatment to you from the comfort of your own home or office.

What we do

Below, are the main components of the program at Alpha

Online Rehab

Twice weekly one to one counseling PLUS daily group therapy with peers just as though you were in a real rehab.

1 to 1 Intensive

Just as above but working solo with your own counsellor

Stand Alone

Private Counseling – Weekly or twice weekly online addiction counseling sessions


Even if you have been in another program or residential treatment facility, Alpha Sober Living can provide aftercare groups or one to one counseling to keep your recovery on track
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Get sober at home

Our E-Learning series comprises ten modules across two courses which are exactly what you would find in an inpatient addiction treatment center. The course structure is laid out below;

  1. An introductory psycho-education course

  2. Treatment Phase

The introductory phase can be taken at your leisure and enables you to raise your awareness around your issues while become better informed before you take the plunge into accessing some form of treatment. Or, you can take it while accessing a few initial counseling sessions before joining group therapy. The treatment phases are recommended to be taken whilst working with an online counselor who we will provide.

All of these options for treatment at Alpha Sober Living provide massive cost savings for clients and enable addicted people to access quality addiction treatment at a fraction of the cost of attending a 28-day residential addiction treatment program. It enables clients to access support for longer, while continuing their life without interruption.

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Sober living in Thailand

Alpha Sober Living also offers a truly world class sober house in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We deliver a progressive and groundbreaking post rehab service. We also offer outpatient counseling and referral and assessment services.Regardless of where you come from our pioneering model of recovery will give you every chance of remaining clean and sober after your stay in rehab and will take your recovery and emotional sobriety to another level.Our methods are tried and tested through more than a decade of running some of the world’s largest and most successful addiction treatment programmes.

What is a Sober House

A sober living facility, or a sober house, is effectively a secondary stage of treatment after being in primary treatment (a drug or alcohol rehab).Whilst you can learn the basic tools of recovery in residential addiction treatment centres, often these tools can be quickly lost on return to the stresses and strains of your home community. A sober house is a bridge between the ideal environment of a residential drug and alcohol rehab and ‘real life’.

Addiction and substance abuse

Addiction is a behavioural illness characterized by intense cravings and poor impulse control. Continued abuse of substances or other rewarding behaviours damages the brains learning and decision making faculties. It also creates a blunted response to reward and pleasure which in turn leads to an increased need to use substances or engage in highly rewarding behaviours (pornography, gaming, gambling etc). Treatment options for behavioural illnesses like addiction tend to focus on psycho-social reintegration (learning to become part of a group of peers), as well as learning to regulate emotional states.

Urban recovery at Alpha Sober House

Alpha Sober Living is all about urban recovery. It is realistic. We use the modalities that are best suited for successful recovery and long-term sobriety. At our sober house in Chiang Mai we augment our counselling programme with a programme of body-based therapies, including strength training, jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, medical qi gong, movement coaching and meditation. Recovery from addiction is all about connection and these methods are all about increasing body awareness and bonding with our peers.Many of the techniques that are used in addiction treatment centres in Thailand today (such as Thai boxing for youth, mind-mapping, and secularizing the 12 Steps with CBT exercises) were pioneered by our founder and programme director Alastair Mordey. We are easily able to build on what you have learned in your rehab because Alastair designed and authored the programme that most Asian rehabs now use. In this way you can seamlessly continue the therapeutic work you began in the primary stage of addiction treatment at your rehab

Is Alpha Sober House for me?

Most of our residents will be coming to us directly from Thai rehabs (primary treatment) but we also accept new residents from any location anywhere in the world if they have completed primary treatment and have the willingness to work a serious programme of recovery. This programme is for men who want to challenge themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. At The Alpha Sober House we develop mind, body and spirit. If you have completed drug and alcohol rehab, or residential rehab for a process addiction, and/or if you have a basic amount of clean and sober time and are determined to grow to your highest potential, then we are the sober house for you. If you have been in a number of rehabs or sober homes and secondary stage treatment centres before and found that they did not push you enough mentally, physically and emotionally, then again, Alpha Sober Living is probably the sober house for you.