Alpha Sober Living is a sober house for men in the heart of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We use strength training and martial arts as body–based therapies to augment and compliment the psycho-social aspects of our programme (counselling and recovery support groups). Clients do not have to do any specific martial art, but they are invited to use at least one of a number of physical disciplines to assist their healing process.

Lifting dumbbells in shadows


Alpha is owned and run by Alastair Mordey, one of the pioneers of drug and alcohol treatment in Thailand. Over 18 years of working in the substance abuse field Alastair has overseen the treatment of more than 2500 addicted people. He has worked across all four tiers of the UK drug treatment system, from drug detox to sober living. In 2010 Alastair moved to Thailand and co-founded The Cabin Chiang Mai – one of the largest drug and alcohol rehab groups outside of the US – which he ran from its inception in 2010 until 2017. As chief clinical architect of The Cabins global operations Alastair authored the treatment system Recovery Zones and developed the philosophy and methods behind The Edge – a young men’s treatment programme. Both of these treatment systems have strongly influenced the model used by many of South East Asia’s rehabs today.

Alastair Mordey sober house founder


Chiang Mai has become the centre of the Thai rehab sector over the last 10 years for a good reason. When Alastair and the other Cabin founders located here in 2010 there were virtually no other rehabs in Asia. Now there are 20 or more and many of them are located in Chiang Mai.

  • Good infrastructure/accessible airport (1 hour from Bangkok)

  • A cooler and more pleasant climate than southern Thailand.

  • Laid back and friendly people (even by Thai standards)

  • Multiple high quality hospital groups/medical back up

  • Modern economy with sophisticated cultural scene, quality restaurants/cafes

  • A more holistic and sustainable Tourist economy based around hiking, trekking, elephant sanctuaries, temple retreats and meditation centres

  • World class reputation for retreat and wellness oriented businesses.

Doi Suthep temple Chiang Mai


The Alpha sober house is a family run business. Alastair runs the programme and manages a highly effective team of associated counsellors, physical trainers and alternative health practitioners who deliver the cutting edge programme to every client in this unique space at Alpha Sober Living.



Kwan yoga instructor

Kwan is a physical fitness instructor and addictions therapist. She worked closely with Alastair from the very inception of the Cabin Group and can rightly be said to be the first Thai clinician to work in the western rehab space. Before working in the rehab sector Kwan was a qualified Les Mills International group exercise instructor and ran her own yoga and Pilates studio in Chiang Mai for ten years.  She also worked as a consultant at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, as well as some of Asia’s premier boarding schools, helping them set up fitness programmes. Kwan is accredited with the Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB) and specializes in working with Thai nationals and agencies such as training Thai government treatment facilities and also working closely with The Office of Narcotic Board Control in Bangkok.



Alpha Sober Living House Manager

Fihn majored in English at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai. She worked alongside Alastair as a personal assistant during his time as a director at The Cabin, and has a good understanding of the needs and issues of addicted people accessing recovery in Thailand. She has since gone on to develop small businesses within the organic food space, and has specific skills in Thai fusion cuisine. She is well integrated into the Chiang Mai community and has an extensive network of alternative practitioners and health specialists. Above all she brings the famous Thai hospitality and care, as well as the feminine touch to the alpha project.



Alpha sober house Liason Officer

Jane is a well know member of the Chiang Mai business community. She has worked in teaching and real estate as well as running multiple restaurant businesses. Again, Jane brings extensive local knowledge and contacts, as well as the famous Thai talent for hospitality, good food and family values.


At Alpha Sober House we believe that anybody can get clean and sober with the right methods and the right attitude. At Alpha Sober Living we believe the way we think creates the way we feel and therefore the way we behave. Below are the five pillars of Alpha’s philosophy.


Addiction is a disease of reward, memory and learning. It is strongly driven by the brain’s dopaminergic system and manifests itself in any human behaviour that is perceived of as rewarding. These behaviours are not limited to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. But regardless of what your addiction is you can arrest it by defining what the destructive elements of that rewarding behaviour are and maintaining abstinence around them.

Sitting in front of Thai meditation area


It is clear that easy and quick access to pleasure drives much of our behaviour in the modern world. But we must understand that if something makes us feel good quickly and easily then it is probably shortlived and may well cost us something later on. The opposite is also true. What is painful and difficult now often bears fruit later, if we stick at it. At Alpha we believe in persevering to achieve our goals, and in aligning those goals with the good of the whole.

Tired and leaning on the Muay Thai ropes


As social primates, humans have evolved to function as members of a tribe. This is why isolation is so intolerable for us. Addiction is characterized by increasing isolation. As we drink or use more, our isolation increases. Therefore, recovery cannot be achieved alone, but must involve intensive psychosocial reintegration. Being of service to others is one of the most potent behavioural medicine’s available for people in recovery.

Monk throws holy water


Sobriety from drugs and alcohol (chemical sobriety) is not enough on its own. We also need to consider our emotional sobriety. Learning how to regulate our emotions is very important in living a full life, both in work, relationships, and our own inner wellbeing. If our emotions remain unregulated we are sure to relapse. This is actually the most important aspect of long term sobriety not abstinence.

Thai culture artwork on wall


All human beings need a sense of purpose and meaning. At Alpha Sober Living we encourage the exploration of any potentially beneficial ways of living, and this includes those that are to be found in traditional belief systems, religions and various spiritual practices. At Alpha Sober living we use meditation, yoga and traditional martial arts as ‘grounding techniques’ within our own system of ‘somatic experiencing.

Sun shines through sober house window


It is safe to say no one more passionate about recovery than Ali is. I was able to see firsthand Ali’s masterful motivation skills with clients and his passion for helping struggling addicts. As Ali is in long term recovery himself, he takes great pride in helping addicts in early recovery. Having seen Ali’s “What is Addiction” lecture on multiple occasions I witnessed clients having the proverbial “lightbulb” moments. In my opinion that specific therapeutic group gives clients a whole new perspective on addiction, the reasons behind it, and why as addicts we behave the way we do. I would highly recommend to any families out there seeking help for their loved ones to reach out to Alpha Sober Living.

John. Sydney

I met Alastair when I was frightened, scared and feeling lost. With few words and a wise approach, Alastair was able to reach me, and help me gather the courage to take action and guide my way. Alastair’s honesty, availability, deep knowledge regarding addiction and care were crucial in my recovery journey. I owe him the fact that I am now more than one year sober feeling alive and truly enjoying it. As a proper addicted personality I did lots of research before taking my decision. Eventually I became convinced that Alastair was the best person to help me out. I was not wrong. Alastair is indeed the best person I could have found when help was needed.

Tate. Boston, US.

I’ve known Alastair for six years, in that time I have seen him assist many people struggling with addiction including myself. I came to treatment completely desperate and broken after numerous failed attempts of trying finding recovery in a plethora of different ways, you name it, I tried it. I could never manage to sustain recovery. I either wasn’t willing or I just was not ready, whatever the case, I could not seem to find the meaning and purpose that was enough to build any momentum and give me the hope I needed to stay clean. Meeting Alistair changed all that.

Sam. UK.

I knew as soon as I met Alastair that he cared passionately about helping people, men specifically, find what it took in order to turn their lives around. He was able to show me that I was capable and worthy. He was able to guide me to instill meaning and purpose into my life and walk me through a path of self-discovery that I will never forget. Alastair helped me find a life that I had never even dreamed of living, I am living that life today and I owe a huge part of it to him.

James. Perth.

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