At Alpha we offer an outpatient addiction counselling programme for our alumni as well as graduates of other residential rehab programmes who have completed inpatient and/or sober living at another facility. Clients should be stable having undergone primary stage treatment, and be willing to immerse themselves firmly within a recovery community.


Counselling at Alpha is a mixture of many different modalities. We use a person centred approach, but also elements of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and MI (Motivational Interviewing). These counselling models are evidence based with regard to treating addiction and this approach forms a good solid foundation in early recovery. We also use questionnaires and screening techniques which are designed to help you understand your personality with greater accuracy. These are based off the ‘Big 5’ personality traits (OCEAN), which stands for:

O – Openness (to new experience)
C – Conscientiousness
E – Extraversion
A – Agreeableness
N – Neuroticism

We also utilise 12 step facilitation (TSF), for clients who wish to proceed with step work. TSF is a way of working within a 12 step method in an institutionalized setting.

Counselling at Alpha also uses trauma informed, and non-western and non-12 step modalities (such as mindfulness practice and bodywork) to augment the counselling programme. A typical example of the bodywork we do at Alpha, is Qi Gong. Medical Qi Gong is a health system which focuses on diaphragmatic breathing. It helps to regulate the bodies nervous and emotional systems rather than working purely on the cognitive faculties, as talk therapy does.

Alpha is a unique and groundbreaking new counselling centre and sober living facility.


Activities and modules available as part of our counselling programme include;

  • One to one counselling/coaching
  • Psycho-educational modules /group therapy (tailored)
  • Guided meditation /yoga
  • Drop in sessions of martial arts and other fitness activities.

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