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Let Alpha help you provide top quality addiction treatment

Whether you are a sober coach working solo with high net-worth clients, or a private company or statutory service working with addicted people, Alpha can assist you to deliver the quality programming they deserve. Via our e-learning suites your clients can easily access our full range of educational and treatment modules from a laptop or desktop. We also offer training to practitioners to help them deliver our simple and straightforward therapeutic programme.

Counsellor gives professional addiction support

Licensing Alpha’s Addiction Treatment Program

One of the major issues facing addiction treatment providers today is how to remain competitive by providing high quality programming and a standardised clinical curriculum. Many treatment centres have a clinical team which consists of multiple therapists who all wield their own eclectic approach but without any overarching therapeutic method. In today’s market it is no longer enough to rely on internet resources and ad-hoc programming. This practice is increasingly being called into question by more informed clients and funders alike. This is where Alpha Sober Living can help.

At Alpha, our great strength is quality programming. Over more than a decade we have authored some of the most successful treatment methods in the industry and manualised them. Alpha Sober Living is now able for the first time, to license its clinical methods and materials to corporate clients who wish to standardise their clinical approach.

For further information on corporate rates for our e-learning treatment programmes, or for information on how to license our method for use in your treatment centre contact us by email.