Press Coverage of Alastair Mordey and Alpha Sober Living

Alastair Mordey is regularly featured in the media as a leading authority on addiction recovery.

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Rehab in paradise: Western addicts head to Thailand to detox

Chiang Mai now houses around 500 beds in around 30 treatment centers, estimates Alastair Mordey.

Is Thailand’s second war on drugs destined for failure?

The battle against drugs internationally can never be won comprehensively. It is only attainable through a shift in awareness amongst the populations and subcultures who participate in it.

Shannan Taylor Overdose Highlights the Link Between Boxing and Addiction

The critical condition of World Middleweight Boxing Champion, Shannan Taylor, from a suspected drug overdose, highlights the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse within the sport of boxing.

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The high and low ends of rehab tourism in Thailand

From the vomit temple to a luxurious cabin, addicts are coming to Thailand to solve their problems.

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Rising numbers of professionals turn to alcohol

Experts call for action as statistics show an alarming rise in professionals turning to alcohol to deal with the everyday stress.

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Alarm at growing addiction problems among professionals

Experts are calling for urgent action to tackle the “significant challenge” of rising levels of alcoholism and substance abuse among professionals including doctors, dentists and lawyers.

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Over The Line

There have been suggestions in the media recently – fuelled by comments made by former drugs tsar David Nutt – that bankers take an inordinate amount of cocaine.

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Kicking It

These place may look like plush resorts but this is no holiday. High end rehab centres that aim to break the cycle of addiction.

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The Sport: Addiction

Can an elite athlete’s addiction to competition translate to a dependence on drugs? It took a prison and rehab for former olympian Nathan Baggaley to find the answer for himself.

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