Sober House

Alpha Sober Living also run a sober house for men in the heart of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. We use strength training and martial arts as body–based therapies to augment and compliment the psycho-social aspects of our programme (counselling and recovery support groups). Clients do not have to do any specific martial art, but they are invited to use at least one of a number of physical disciplines to assist their healing process.


The Alpha Sober House is Located in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai has become the centre of the Thai rehab sector over the last 10 years for a good reason. When Alastair and the other Cabin founders located here in 2010 there were virtually no other rehabs in Asia. Now there are 20 or more and many of them are located in Chiang Mai.

  • Good infrastructure/accessible airport (1 hour from Bangkok)
  • A cooler and more pleasant climate than southern Thailand.
  • Laid back and friendly people (even by Thai standards)
  • Multiple high quality hospital groups/medical back up
  • Modern economy with sophisticated cultural scene, quality restaurants/cafes
  • A more holistic and sustainable Tourist economy based around hiking, trekking, elephant sanctuaries, temple retreats and meditation centres
  • World class reputation for retreat and wellness oriented businesses.