Our main service at Alpha is residential sober living. Clients must be either:

a) long term clean and sober
b) have recently finished a period of primary stage addiction treatment in a rehab

However, our sober house is not just for those who are leaving treatment. Many people choose to re-boot their recovery by coming to stay in a sober house in Thailand, or other amenable locations. The therapeutic work we do is high caliber, and so anyone with any length of clean and sober time can benefit.


The programme at Alpha Sober Living is at the more intensive end of the scale and builds upon therapeutic programmes common in Thai rehabs, as well as many modalities that you may find in any rehab globally. Alpha is arguably one of the most cutting edge sober living facilities in the world but being based in Asia it is very competitively priced in comparison with sober houses in western cities, especially with regard to the quality of accommodation. In terms of location, Chiang Mai is on a par with many western cities and has excellent modern facilities and infrastructure as well as a sophisticated and vibrant café scene, excellent cuisine, and an overall focus on health and wellness


  • High quality accommodation
  • Cutting edge group therapy from a pioneer of addiction treatment
  • Coaching/counselling on addiction and related areas such anxiety, relationships, career etc.
  • Holistic activities/therapies like yoga, qi gong, vipassana meditation
  • Health food restaurant catering for all diets from keto to vegetarian
  • Use of yoga studio
  • Use of Gym/dojo area
  • Tuition in sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing
  • Outdoors activities such as hiking and swimming

For a free consultation/assessment with regard to your suitability for our sober living house contact us now.

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