1.2.2. Alcohol Use

Topic Progress:
  1. Do you have an inability to consistently abstain from alcohol? Have you ultimately been unable to stop (or stay stopped) despite the harm it causes?
  1. Do you experience impairment in behavioral control when you are drinking?
  1. Have you got drunk when you didn’t intend to?
  1. Have you missed important events in order to drink?
  1. Do you experience cravings for drinking alcohol?
  1. Do you obsess about it when you can’t get it?
  1. Do you spend significant amounts of time planning how you can get it?
  1. Have you ever tried to reduce or control the amount you drink unsuccessfully?
  1. Have you ever substituted one type of alcohol for another in an attempt to minimize the harm alcohol is doing to you (e.g. whisky for beer)?
  1. Have you increased the frequency or amount of your alcohol intake over the past months or years?
  1. Has your drinking caused problems in your relationships?
  1. Has alcohol affected your work performance?
  1. Do you have any health problems related to alcohol use?
  1. Do you have legal or financial problems due to your use of alcohol?
  1. Does your drinking cause you to have unhealthy negative feelings like guilt and shame?
  1. Do you ever hide alcohol in secret places or do you hide how much you are drinking by sneaking extra drinks when others aren’t looking?
  1. Do you become angry if your plans to drink are interfered with?
  1. Does your alcohol use make you feel confident/competent/at ease with yourself or help you to ‘fit in’? Do you think you would feel ill at ease or unable to fit in if you had to stop drinking?