1.2.3 Prescription (RX) Drug Use

Topic Progress:
  1. Do you have an inability to consistently abstain from using prescription (RX) drugs? Have you ultimately been unable to stop (or stay stopped) despite the harm they cause?
  1. Do you experience impairment in behavioral control around RX drugs?

a) Have you ever thrown your pills away only to retrieve them from the trash later?

b) Have you bought RX drugs on the internet or on the street?

c) Have you engaged in ‘doctor shopping’ (receiving the same medication from two or more doctors the same time period in order to exceed the given prescribed dose)?

  1. Do you experience cravings for RX drugs?

a) Do you obsess about them when you can’t get them?

b) Do you spend significant amounts of time planning how you can get them?

  1. Have you ever tried to reduce or control the amount of rx drugs you use unsuccessfully?
  1. Have you ever substituted one type of rx drug for another (e.g. Clonazepam for Diazepam) or an rx drug for any other type of drug (e.g. Oxycontin for heroin) in an attempt to minimize the harm it is doing to you?
  1. Have you increased the dosage, strength or frequency of your pills intake (or your prescription) over the past months or years?
  1. Has your RX drug use caused problems in your relationships?
  1. Has your use of RX drugs ever affected your work?
  1. a) Do you have any health problems related to your use of rx drugs?

b) Have you ever been treated by a physician or hospital for excessive use of pills (whether or not in combination with other substances)?

  1. Do you have legal or financial problems due to your use of RX drugs?
  1. Does your Rx drug use cause you unhealthy negative feelings like guilt and shame?
  1. Do you have a place where you hide your pills/medications?
  1. Have you ever become angry with your doctor or pharmacy because you felt they were interfering with or limiting your supply?
  1. Have you ever felt you wouldn’t be able to function or ‘be yourself’ without your RX drugs?