1.2.5 Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Topic Progress:

1. Do you have an inability to consistently abstain from a sexual behavior (including watching pornography, with or without masturbation) which has caused serious consequences? Have you ultimately been unable to stop (or stay stopped) despite the harm this is doing to yourself or others?

2. Do you experience impaired behavioral control around your need for sex? For example;

a) Has your need for a greater high made you have types of sex you don’t usually like?

b) Have you had sex, or viewed pornography, regardless of the consequences (e.g. risk of disease, public shame, damage to reputation)?

3. Do you experience cravings for sex (including watching porn and/or masturbating)? For example;

a) Do you spend large amounts of time euphorically recalling past sexual encounters (including replaying episodes of pornography in your mind)?

b) Do you feel lost or empty when you are away from sexual partners (or have no access to pornography) to the point where you are significantly distracted, bored or depressed?

4. Have you ever tried to cut down the amount of sex you have, or the amount of porn you watch?

5. Have you ever substituted one type of sex, or one partner for another, in an attempt to minimize the harm your sexual or romantic behaviors are causing you or others?

6. Are you constantly seeking newer or riskier sexual experiences or types of porn in an attempt to achieve the same level of excitement?

7. Has your sexual behavior or viewing of pornography caused problems in your relationships?

8. Has sex or pornography affected your work performance?

9. Do you have any health problems related to your sexual behavior?

10. Do you have legal or financial problems due to your sexual activities, including the viewing of pornography?

11. Does your sexual behavior or watching porn cause you to have unhealthy negative feelings like guilt and shame?

12. Do you hide any of your sexual activities (including watching porn) from those you are intimate with? Would a significant amount of other people who are important to you disapprove of your behavior?

13. Do you become angry and irate if your sexual behaviors (including watching porn) are stopped, delayed or interfered with?

14. Does your sex life or your viewing of pornography make you feel confident/competent/at ease with yourself? For example;

a) Do you think you would feel less of a person if you had to stop it?

b) Do you sexualize your emotions, do you act out with sex or porn when you are feeling negative (angry, stressed, lonely, lost, bored, or fearful of change).