1.2.6 Overeating/Binge-Eating

Topic Progress:
  1. Do you have an inability to consistently abstain (stop, or stay stopped) from overeating, including episodic binge eating?
  1. Do you experience impaired behavioral control with food? For example;
  1. Constantly eat when you’re not hungry?
  1. Throw food away and then retrieve it later?
  1. Steal other people’s food on multiple occasions?
  1. Eat food that is spoiled?
  1. Binge and then purge by vomiting/laxatives/exercise?
  1. Do you experience cravings for your compulsive eating pattern? For example, do you frequently obsess over food, or spend large amounts of time fantasizing about food.
  1. a) Do you find that you often try to control the amount of food/calories you eat by dieting only to fail and relapse back into uncontrolled eating?

b) Have you ever tried to control your weight by using: laxatives, vomiting, diuretics, excessive exercise, diet pills or surgery?

  1. Have you ever substituted one type of food for another in an attempt to minimize the harm you are doing to yourself?
  1. Have you increased the frequency of your food intake over time? Was there a time when you did not eat as much as you currently do?
  1. Has your eating caused problems in your relationships?
  1. Has your addiction to food or your compulsive eating pattern affected your work performance?
  1. a) Do you have any health problems related to your eating patterns?

b) Has your doctor told you that you are obese?

  1. Do you have financial problems due to your eating habits (includes medical bills)?
  1. a) Do you often feel guilt or shame after a binge episode?

b) Are you embarrassed about your weight?

  1. Do you hide your eating behavior by eating ‘normally’ when you’re around others and then overeat/binge when you’re alone?
  1. Do you become angry and irate when your usual eating ritual is stopped, delayed or interfered with?
  1. Does your eating provide you with reward and meaning in some way? For example;
  1. Does overeating or bingeing provide you with a feeling of comfort?
  1. When your emotions are intense (whether positive or negative) do you find yourself reaching for food to reward or relieve yourself?