1.2.8 Gaming

Topic Progress:

1. Do you have an Inability to consistently abstain from gaming? Have you ultimately been unable to stop (or stay stopped) despite the harm it causes?

2. Do you experience impaired behavioral control around gaming? For example;

a) Do you tell yourself you can stop playing the games any time you want to, even though you keep playing when you don’t mean to?

b) Have you ever stolen a video game or stolen money to buy a video game or download or subscription?

3. Do you crave game playing? Do you spend significant amounts of time in planning playing games or replaying game scenarios?

4, Have you ever tried to control the amount of time you spend gaming only to return to the same pattern?

5. Have you ever substituted one game for another in an attempt to minimize the time spent/expense?

  1. Over time, have you increased the time or money spent on playing video games?
  1. Do you need to spend more time and money on video games in order to feel the same amount of excitement?

7. Has your gaming caused problems in your relationships?

8. a) Do you sometimes skip homework or work in order to play more video games?

b) Have you ever done poorly on a school assignment, test, or work assignment because you have spent so much time playing video games?

9. Have you experienced physical effects from excessive gaming e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist/forearm inflammation), migraine headaches, sleep disturbance, eye strain, back ache, sore neck or poor personal hygiene?

10. Do you have financial problems due to gaming?

11. Does gaming cause you unhealthy negative feelings like guilt and shame?

12. Do you try to hide how long you’ve been gaming from others?

13. Does your gaming life make you feel confident/competent/at ease with yourself?

14. Have you played video games as a way to escape problems or negative feelings?